S.T. Gregg & Associates

Services & Programs

S.T. Gregg & Associates has a proven track record in Nevada and Arizona for providing cost-effective workforce development, job retention, individualized case management, and computer generated tracking / reporting services S.T. Gregg & Associates is a private, performance based organization that contracts with employers (small and large) and government entities to provide them with customized programs and solutions to address the needs of their hard-to-employ populations, as they transition into the workforce.

We specialize in offering programs and services that are tailored to meet the unique and diverse needs of the hard-to-employ populations including veterans, newly employed, welfare recipients, non-custodial parent, unemployed, dislocated workers, domestic violence victims, injured workers, youths, and individuals with disabilities. Program participants receive the essential tools, skill development and the necessary on-going support to take on greater challenges, become employed, stay employed, move up the ladder and achieve self-sufficiency.

Our success depends heavily on utilizing an integrated, case management team approach of "employment success partners" including our highly qualified staff, an extensive employer network, local businesses, government agencies, community resources and of course the participating individuals and their families.

S.T. Gregg & Associates has provided services to over 10,000 clients including:

bulletState of Nevada, Welfare Division-Job Keeper Program (job retention, case management & computerized reporting/tracking services)-impressive job retention rate of 85 percent since 1999.
bulletWorkforce Investment Act-WIA-State of Nevada
bulletSocial Security-Ticket To Work Program (Arizona)
bulletVeterans Affairs-State of Arizona-5 years achieved outstanding service ratings